Nordic Spirit

A shamanic sound journey for healing, meditation and ceremony .

Cultivating a deep connection to yourself, the Earth and the Divine is more important than ever. Right now is a pivotal moment in the evolution of consciousness and YOU are invited to rise up into truth and love. To take back your personal power & alchemize any heavy energy into vibrant life force. 

Finding and activating your voice, is one part of this process of stepping into this embodied leadership, that is why I have created this sound journey. 


I (Fia) am passionate about remembering and reawakening the ancient magic that resides within each and everyone of us. I do this in my own life through shamanic priestess arts with focus on nordic tradition. I studied two years with high priestess Ania Munay and with this recorded sound journey I wanted to capture and share the potent vibrations of the north.

We have a long tradition of singing as a shamanic & spiritual practice here in the nordic lands, kulning and galder are both examples of this. Singing is used as a way of altering consciousness, healing, storytelling and creating powerful change in the web of life. 

I want to take you with me into the mysterious and wild north through this voiceplay journey. Traveling through high mountains, ice covered lakes, dancing waterfalls, deep forests and soft moss. My intention is for this shamanic sound scape to support you in opening your own sacred channel and voice your soul song. To release tension, unlock hidden treasure and embrace your fullest expression.


When deciding YES, I want to explore this you will receive: 

1 track with the full Nordic Spirit Voiceplay Journey(13 min long)
All 7 tracks in separate files.



Heart Hum






Pre listen to "Gold" 




These songs can be used in many different ways. To meditate with, during shamanic journeying, in healing sessions or ceremony. Or in any other situation where you desire a sonic infusion of nordic spirit! You can listen or voiceplay with me. Choose your own adventure and pick your own song order, or go with the full version. I invite you to set up a private space where you can relax, receive & express.  Good headphones are favoured to get the full experience.
NOTE: Please download the files on your computer or use a zip extractor on your phone.


VOICEPLAY - Nordic Spirit
  • VOICEPLAY - Nordic Spirit
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Journey to the authentic feminine – raw and enchanting. Fia invites the listener to enter the Hall of the Mountain Queen, where her pristine voice guides you through the cavernous womb spaces of the Ancient One. Haunting fragments of a long forgotten indigenous self call us deeper and deeper within, to the state of our primal knowing. Animal calls, breath and growling are braided in with fragments of long-forgotten body rhythms, to bring us to the visionary state of the blind seer.”

— Kristina Turner