It is here!




Your sensitivity is a gift to this world - that is why it is important to embrace and nurture your deeply feeling self!


I would love to support you in this - by creating a space where you can come with your heart on your sleeve, receiving guidance on how to relax in your big, beautiful emotional ocean and surf the waves with more grace.


 I am Fia and I am hosting the online workshop


"I Feel It All - how to thrive & live in ease as a highly sensitive person"



About me

I walk around this earth without any defense

taking in E V E R Y T H I N G.

I can be completely mesmerized by the beauty of a flower

lose myself on the dance floor in total bliss

or in a soul stirring meeting with another being

feeling connected to the whole Universe.

 and sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I break down crying in the grocery store!

There are moments when it is total crazy chaos inside of me, I look around, and everyone else seems fine and I wonder

what is wrong with me and I just wanna quit being human.

 With time I have learned to flow more gracefully in this wide range

so that instead of drowning in emotions and energies

I now allow them to charge up my life & elevate my Soul.

Instead of fighting my sensitivity, I am now riding the ecstatic current of life in all its different forms

tapping into the magic that comes from allowing everything I feel and through that being able to serve the world in a big way

and I am ready to share how you can do that too!




I will invite you to shift perspective and see your sensitivity as a superpower.


 You will be given tools and wisdom - so that you can move through this intense world with more joy & relaxation.


 I will support you in daring to be all that you are. with the intention of you fully owning and celebrating your sensitive self!


You will receive these tools in "I Feel It All - how to thrive & live in ease as a highly sensitive person"


Let's do this!