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Photo: Moa Hedström @peoplebymoa

This weekend something big landed in me. A road appeared that I had not seen in many years and was now calling me with a new voice. 

Inside me this enormous lust, joy and longing to start walking it unfolded, but like a letter in the mail came the worry and fear. 

What if *fill in the blank* 

Even if I to 95% knew from the feeling it was the right way, my brain still wanted confirmation, so I asked Goddess for my special sign to turn up within 24h so I for certain would know it to be the right road. 

No sign came. 

And I noticed this morning a sadness creeping in…maybe it wasn’t right… 

But on my walk with the dog I heard Her inside: 

”Fia, why do you need my confirmation? You have already decided. I sent you there. You just need to walk now.” 

Deeply moved and with calm and sense of safety in my decision I continued home. 

And guess what showed up now in the evening? 

You got it: 

my sign 

As a playful wink from Her. 

Do you have any beautiful, inspirational or fun moments connecting with God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit/whatever you choose to call it? I would love to hear! Please share in the comments!

3 things I wish I learned earlier on my spiritual journey 

Our spiritual journey is something that unfolds and we find the golden nuggets as we walk along those windly windy road sof our lives & dive the oceanic depths of our own psyche. All in its own time. But sometimes I wish I had known some things earlier, simply because they would have helped me TONS when navigating my spiritual path as a bambi- legged 20 year old back in 2014. So with the knowledge of myself today, here is what I wish younger Fia would have picked up right away: 

1. How to regulate the nervous system 

Take a deep breath in…let out a sound on the exhale..…huuuhhh........this basic and brilliant mechanism that is always there, but so often ends up high in the chest, especially when we find ourselves in challenging situations. Learning how to soothe myself through breath, movement and sound has been invaluable for my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In my teenage years and early twenties I often found myself overwhelmed by life which caused stress and anxiety to build up. When I learned to focus and direct my breath, began practicing mindful movement and allowed my body to make all kinds of noises (not just singing!) I experienced a deeper sense of ease, knowing I could care for myself no matter what I was faced with. 

 2. How to cleanse 

I believe this should be taught to everyone entering their consciousness expanding adventure. When we start doing our own healing work and come in contact with others on their path, there is sooo much circulating in and between us. If you are highly sensitive or empathic, you probably feel this extra much. Caring for your energetic hygiene doesn’t have to be hard! It can be as simple as closing your eyes, envisioning stepping under a waterfall of golden light and asking it to wash away that which you are not meant to hold. Or you can take a stroll in nature, imagining with each step how heavy energy drains out from your feet and into the earth where She, The Great Mother, transforms it for you (to her it is simply energy) Or even better, lay your body on the earth and allow the electric magnetic field to support in clearing and balancing you out. When I learned to cleanse and began doing that daily, I started feeling ten times better because I was no longer carrying around unnecessary baggage of stuck and sticky energy that clogged up my flow! 

3. There is no ”right” way 

I feel the spiritual community can get so damn restrictive sometimes! Even though freedom and self discovery is preached many people still proclaim to have all the answers, the perfect formula and hidden secret. Eat this way, dress this way, do this, don’t do that…notice how it can become dogmatic? You don’t have to change in order to ”be spiritual” There are millions of different paths, and for me it has been vital to learn how to navigate according to my internal compass instead of blindly adopting others beliefs. Doesn’t matter if this is a world renowned teacher or some random blog post on the internet saying their way is *the way* To instead listen to the subtle voice within myself and make that my number one guide. 

There they are, the things I would tell the younger Fia who browsed YouTube for ’divine feminine’ every night for guidance and worried if what she ate was ”spiritually correct”. 

I’m curious, how would your list look? Drop a comment and I'll be happy to read!