Key Tea, 921 C Street, San Rafael, California

On the 18th of May Fia is coming to San Rafael, CA for the first time as part of her 2018 World Tour, sharing her brand new album 'Legacy Of Light'! After a line of successful shows this winter in Europe; Amsterdam (450 seats sold out), Sweden, Finland, UK, Slovenia, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium... she is finally coming back to the states with this powerful and transformational music!

Fia's unique, soultouching voice, exquisitely beautiful melodies and heart opening words inspire and support us in being and expressing our authentic selves. She anchors divine wisdom and shares it in a clear and powerful way that goes straight to the core. She reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds or stories. Come and receive the gift of these high vibrational songs that guides us back home to ourselves and each other.


Date: 18th of May Time: 19:30-21:00 (Doors open at 19:00) Location: Key Tea House 921 C Street San Rafael

Tickets: Online $16 (closing 12pm day of the concert) Tickets are available at the door $20

Find the music HERE:

ABOUT Fia is a Swedish singer-songwriter who with a unique crystal clear voice, exquisitely beautiful melodies and ’wow, this is about me and my life’ lyrics inspires and empowers us to live from our hearts. Speaking straight to the soul, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds and stories. Her powerful songs guides us back home to ourselves and each other.

With two full length albums, Made of Stars (2016) and Legacy of Light (2017) released independently, Fia is touring all over the world playing festivals and sold out concerts. She is a leader in the new music industry, where connection with the audience is everything. Both her albums were successfully crowdfunded with the help of her supportive and ever-growing number of listeners, Legacy of Light bringing in over $10,000 in less than two weeks. She has a one of a kind way to connect deeply with her audience. Her concerts have people feeling inspired and uplifted, leaving feeling empowered and wanting more. This woman and her soul stirring music is unlike anything you’ve heard before.

”The moment we stop running from the demons in our heads, and instead we choose to love them, when saying yes to life, both shadow and light, our suffering is done, we come alive.” - From the song ”Shedding Skins”, Fia