My session with Fia was like talking to a friend. It was so easy. We shared laughs and common experiences. She shared with me what has helped her grow as an artist just like a friend would so I can grow further! So thankful for you! ”

— Haley

What it IS: 

  • 60 min online video call with me where we create a space of presence & connection, taking a deep dive into YOUR art. Chatting about your creative process; maybe you have ideas you want to bounce, perhaps there are struggles I have gone through as well and can support you with, or we go absolutely wild celebrating your latest victories (que virtual dance party)! 
  • A co creative space; you need to show up and be there with me, daring to be vulnerable and being open to the mystery unfolding when we come together with a strong intention.
  • Me showing up as a fellow artist on the path; a friend who knows the highs and lows of creative life. I got a pretty big toolbox by now and I am happy share what has worked (and not) for me building a career as a full-time artist. 


    What is it NOT: 

    • A therapy session or healing session (even though it can be experienced as healing to be fully seen, heard and felt on your creative journey, this is not a formal healing session) I am not a coach or counselor, simply another artist soul reaching out a hand to you, saying ”hey, let’s talk and see what happens!”


    What you might LOSE: 

    •  Your feelings of loneliness on the artistic path. 
    • Creative blocks. 
    • Doubts and fear around whether your art is good enough.


    What you might RECEIVE: 

    • More excitement and energy to channel into your art. 
    • Clarity around your projects. 
    • Creative confidence.
    •  New, wild and magical ideas.


    Does this make your toes tingle, give you a good belly feeling or maybe a full blown whole body FUCK YES? Fabulous, let's connect! 


    "Thank you so much, Fia! This was such a deep, and heart centering session. Something really important just released and I am centered more in the core of my creative being. I feel much clearer on the path now and less like there are all these things I have to measure up to or get to. I am so excited to finally record my album and connect with potential collaborators!"”

    — Lena



    1.  Select 'Creative Jam Session', put in the cart and proceed to check out for payment.
    2. You will receive an email from me with info on how to schedule your session time, as we well as an intake form for you to fill out which allows me to get a glimpse of you & your art before we meet.