Chakra Song Journey

A series of easy to learn mantras created with the intention to activate and charge your energy centers!

In the fast paced, outward focused society we live in, creating space for our own healing, reflection and down time is essential to live a thriving life. Especially if you are highly sensitive, empathic or in other ways energetically open and prone to sponge up the world around you! 
Being able to clear & recharge is a vital tool in caring for ourselves and that is why I have created this song journey.


For me (Fia) it is a continuous process of learning how to nourish and strengthen myself on all levels. 

I have picked up quite a few tools on the way, but the one I love the most is not very surprising; music! 

The healing power of sound, melody and rhythm is astonishing. And when you add words to that, words you sing, well then you got yourself some mighty fine spells! 
For me a song spell is a string of wisely chosen words sung with intention to bend energy; to create magic. 

Magic within, magic without. 

These original mantras were created while going through my own process of rebalancing and finding equilibrium after I had been traveling for quite some time and felt disconnected from both my body and Mother Earth. 

So I did what I usually do, I open my mouth and sing and these words came out (that became The Root Chakra Mantra) 

”Feet on the earth 

Supported by Her 

I am safe in this body 

I am” 

And singing these words made me feel SO GOOD. I dropped down from my head into my heart, and deep into my body. 

It made me curious to see if I could write chants corresponding to the other chakras as well, and it worked! 

Why is it important to clear and recharge ourselves? 

When we move around, interacting with the world and all its people and places, we pick up way more than we think. And not all of it are things we wish to keep! 

Especially our energetic & emotional bodies get cluttered and in return that creates unease in our physical bodies. 

And when this happens, it becomes harder to hear our own truth and intuition lying buried under the debris. 

This is why we do different things such as yoga, dancing, being in nature, singing; so that we can clear the noise and reconnect with our inner truth.


When you say yes to this quest of self exploration you will receive; 

1 track with the full version Chakra Song Journey (15min long, featuring guidance by me)  

1 track with only the mantras (10min, no guidance) 


All 7 mantra tracks in separate files + printable lyrics sheet 

Root *finding safety within 
Sacral *embracing our emotional, sensual and sexual nature 
Solar plexus *awakening the inner fire 
Heart *opening the heart 
Throat *radical expression 
Third eye *clarity and intuition 
Crown *universal connectedness


Pre listen to the HEART CHAKRA MANTRA


To get the full experience, my suggestion is that you begin by listening to the whole journey (ca 15min) once a day for 7 days straight. This way the healing energy of the mantras gets a chance to land even deeper in your cells.

But it's equally as powerful to just bring them in whenever you need some extra support or relaxation time! 

Whatever feels the best to you, do that.

Chakra Song Journey
  • Chakra Song Journey
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Thank you Fia for creating The Chakra Song Journey! As a Tantric guide and earthing expert, I will refer students to the songs as a supportive healing practice, as it has been for me. I also believe it’s perfect for all ages, including children. So incredibly powerful, yet simple, on so many levels.”

— Tara L. Skubella