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This weekend something big landed in me. A road appeared that I had not seen in many years and was now calling me with a new voice. 

Inside me this enormous lust, joy and longing to start walking it unfolded, but like a letter in the mail came the worry and fear. 

What if *fill in the blank* 

Even if I to 95% knew from the feeling it was the right way, my brain still wanted confirmation, so I asked Goddess for my special sign to turn up within 24h so I for certain would know it to be the right road. 

No sign came. 

And I noticed this morning a sadness creeping in…maybe it wasn’t right… 

But on my walk with the dog I heard Her inside: 

”Fia, why do you need my confirmation? You have already decided. I sent you there. You just need to walk now.” 

Deeply moved and with calm and sense of safety in my decision I continued home. 

And guess what showed up now in the evening? 

You got it: 

my sign 

As a playful wink from Her. 

Do you have any beautiful, inspirational or fun moments connecting with God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit/whatever you choose to call it? I would love to hear! Please share in the comments!

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